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Systemic Chemotherapy

In a systemic chemotherapy treatment drugs are either injected by a syringe or taken orally for fighting against cancer which is the most lethal disease. Systemic chemotherapy can successfully reduce the pain of numerous types of cancer and if it can be traced out at the initial stage it can annihilate it efficiently. Chemotherapeutic drugs can easily reach in the every nook and corner of a human body and therefore this can restrain the growth of cancer cell in other parts of a body. Though chemotherapy is the most effective treatment of cancer, it can be used with radiation therapy to accelerate the speed of recovery.

Systemic chemotherapy can wipe out the cancer cells, restrict the growth of cancer cells or can contract the size of the tumor. These things are important because this will certainly help the practitioners to eradicate the cancer as fast as possible.

Systemic chemotherapy Drugs not only destroy the cancer cells, it can also at the same time affect healthy cells. This is the major cause behind the numerous types of side effects. Hair loss, vomiting, nausea are some of the common type of side effects. Appetite loss, sore in the mouth, bleeding are another forms of side effect. Most of the side effects generally disappeared within a few weeks after the completion of chemotherapy treatment.


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