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Patient Stories

When you are facing a health issue, especially a serious one, you may feel like you are alone. However, the physicians and staff at MIU are here to listen and offer compassionate care.

It is often helpful to read about other people’s experiences so that you feel confident in your care team. Here’s what some MIU patients have had to say.

Pat’s Cancer Story

May 21, 2024|

Pat is a men’s health advocate on an important mission: raising awareness about the need for more mental health resources for patients battling cancer. The day Pat got his diagnosis was the same day an MIU support group was meeting. [...]

Gordy’s Partial Nephrectomy

April 23, 2024|

Would you consider yourself “lucky” to find out you have cancer? Gordy did. Here’s his story: Gordy’s cardiologist wanted him to have a CT scan for an issue that had nothing to do with his kidneys. “By chance, the scan [...]

Howard’s Cancer Story

March 12, 2024|

Back in 2010 at age 72, Howard noticed his back was aching, especially anytime he stepped off a curb. After a thorough examination, Dr. Jason Hafron ordered a PSA test to screen for prostate cancer, and a CT scan to [...]

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