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Female Urology & Voiding Dysfunction

Female Urology is a subspecialty of Urology. Female Urology is concerned with diagnosis and treatment of those urinary tract disorders most prevalent in females. These include voiding dysfunction, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor prolapse, recurrent urinary tract infection, urethral syndrome and interstitial cystitis. The Michigan Institute of Urology will complete an expert evaluation of these conditions including a complete history and physical exam. Urodynamics (bladder function test) and imaging studies may be required to fully evaluate the urinary tracts. Additional bladder studies such as cystoscopy may be necessary. The Michigan Institute of Urology offers a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan for these female urologic disorders.

Patient Information for Female Urology & Voiding Dysfunction

Nearly 10 million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence or overactive bladder. Urinary incontinence is not something that only effects older people. The truth is, it can effect anyone. This includes children, elderly, women who had children, anyone who exercises and men who have had prostate surgery.

The Michigan Institute of Urology is dedicated to educating their patients and helping them make informed medical decisions. We have provided you with a wealth of information on female urinary conditions, treatments and technology below. To learn more about your office visit, what to expect and what to bring to your appointment please click here.

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