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Endocare’s Cryocare system provides a prostate cancer treatment called Cryocare (Targeted CryoAblation of the Prostate). Cryocare TCAP is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses ice to destroy prostate cancer.

The key elements of the FDA-cleared Cryocare CS system include the AutoFreeze, a computer-controlled automated freezing mechanism that utilizes optimal power settings based upon target endpoint temperatures and continual feedback from the thermocouple tips. Along with AutoFreeze, Cryocare CS includes new Integrated Ultrasound technology that provides internal visualization of the prostate gland and patented CryoGuide planning software that assists physicians in determining optimal treatment of the entire gland as well as targeting specific cancerous areas of the prostate. The Crycare CS also includes a new Urethral Warmer along with the highly successful vacuum-insulated Direct Access; Cryoprobes and CryoGrid, a brachytherapy-like grid fixed to the ultrasound stepper.

Endocare’s Cryocare system was originally approved by CMS for primary treatment of prostate cancer in July 1999 and for patients failing radiation treatment in July 2001.


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