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An outpatient, microwave-generated heat treatment that destroys excess prostate tissue. CoreTherm uses a transurethral catheter containing a microwave antenna and an intraprostatic probe with three temperature sensors. This system takes into account the fact that different patients have differently sized prostates and different intraprostatic blood flows.

Continuous monitoring of intraprostatic temperatures, intraprostatic blood flow rate, progressive destruction of targeted tissue, and adjustable microwave power enable the physician to tailor treatment to the individual. These data are calculated and displayed in real time on a computer screen throughout the session, which helps the physician determine when to stop treatment.

Before the procedure, the bladder and bowel are emptied, and the patient is given a sedative, local anesthesia, and antibiotics. Urinary retention is a common temporary side effect. A urinary catheter is placed after treatment and removed within a couple of weeks.


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