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What To Do If Sex Is Painful After Menopause

April 11, 2024|

By: Jennifer Sobol, D.O. Menopause is a stage of life that many women look forward to. It means freedom from monthly periods, saying goodbye to painful menstrual cramps, sayonara to PMS, and hasta luego to menstrual migraines. But since nature [...]

Plain Talk About Pelvic Floor Prolapse

February 21, 2024|

By: Dr. Melissa Fischer, M.D. Nearly one-quarter of all women experience a pelvic floor disorder, such as pelvic floor weakness. That’s because pregnancy, childbirth, hysterectomies, menopause, obesity, and chronic constipation can all weaken the pelvic floor. The vagina and its [...]

Pill-Free Ways to Treat ED

January 22, 2024|

By: Courtney McCracken, M.S.N., R.N., F.N.P.-C. Patients have a lot of different reasons for not wanting to take a pill to treat ED. Some fear it will impact the spontaneity in their love life, waiting for a pill to kick [...]

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