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New Innovations in Bladder Cancer Treatment

May 15, 2023|

By:  Ryan J. Nelson, D.O. Nearly 82,300 Americans are expected to be diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2023. Following are some of the symptoms these patients can expect: Blood in the urine, back pain, and frequent, painful urination. These signs are [...]

Is an Advanced Practice Provider Right for You?

April 21, 2023|

By:  Mitch Hollander, MD, CEO They’re medically trained, certified, and help millions of patients each year get the primary care they need. No, they’re not doctors – they’re advanced practice providers, and their numbers are predicted to grow in the [...]

You Don’t Have to Live with Incontinence

March 7, 2023|

By:  Jennifer Sobol, D.O. If you’ve never had an “accident” on your way to the bathroom, urinary incontinence may be someone else’s problem. But if you’re among the millions who live with incontinence or overactive bladders, these accidents can signal [...]

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