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Study Participants – Research at The Michigan Institute of Urology

What Is a Clinical Trial?

While each clinical trial is different, patients generally will work with a health care team that includes a doctor and a research coordinator. This team will follow a research protocol where all participants in an assigned group get the same tests and treatment. The team will check the patient’s health, carefully monitor him/her during the study and follow up after the study. It is important that patients take all prescribed treatments and keep all scheduled visits.

Participants may be assigned to a group that receives a placebo (an inactive treatment) or an existing treatment instead of the investigational treatment, to help determine its effectiveness. In this situation, the patient will receive the same careful medical attention. To avoid bias, the doctor may not know which treatment the patient is receiving.

Participating in a Clinical Trial

For patients with an illness or medical condition, clinical trials enable you to take a direct role in your treatment and also help others through advances in medical science. Your participation in clinical research may save the lives or improve the condition of future patients by helping to develop new therapies or treatments.

Participation in our studies is free of charge. We provide study-related office visits, laboratory tests and medication. In most cases, you will receive compensation for your time and travel.

Prior to being accepted into one of our clinical trials, we will review a consent form which discusses the goals of the study as well as any potential risks and benefits. Discussion of the consent form does not obligate you to participate in the study; it is written for the patients as an educational tool for you to determine whether or not you would like to participate. The informed consent must be signed by both the patient, and a research staff member before any study related activities can be performed.

Throughout the clinical trial, you will receive consistent, high-quality medical care by our well-trained staff of research professionals.

Our Commitment to You

We work to make each visit a pleasant and comfortable experience. Our staff understands the importance of carefully listening to our study participants and providing you with thorough and thoughtful answers to any questions you may have.

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Where to Find More Information

Sign up or obtain more information on a study by contacting Danielle Osterhout (248) 786-0467 or email