Referring Physicians: MIU A Center of Excellence for Prostate Cancer

Delivering a prostate cancer diagnosis to a patient is challenging. Giving a metastatic prostate cancer diagnosis can be extremely difficult. However, it is important to remember that metastatic prostate cancer IS TREATABLE, and recent game-changing advancements can help patients by increasing overall survival rates while maintaining their quality of life.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs

At the Michigan Institute of Urology (MIU), our Advanced Prostate Cancer team physicians are among the most experienced and specialized in the country, highly trained in the latest treatment modalities and leading current research that will further advance the field.

We fully understand the complexity of metastatic prostate cancer and deliver the best advanced care for our patients. In addition, because our experts are actively involved in research, clinical trials, and advanced treatment options, we can deliver optimistic messages to patients offering new levels of hope and positive outcomes.

Medical Advancements

Our deep devotion to research and clinical trials provides our patients access to state-of-the-art care before it is available to the public, including groundbreaking advancements in Radioligand Targeted Therapy, PSMA PET scans (isotopes), and advanced immunotherapy.

Among the most exciting advancements MIU is part of today:

  • Radioligand targeted therapy – Groundbreaking new medications that deliver a small dose of radiation attached to a molecule that specifically binds to cancer cells. The FDA has already approved one, and MIU is actively involved in a next generation radioligand clinical trial and currently recruiting patients.
  • PSMA PET scan imaging – New technology available in which prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) targeted tracers are used in PET scans to find prostate cancer at an earlier stage and determine the best treatment modalities for patients.
  • Advanced Immunotherapy – Treatment that uses the patient’s own immune system to fight against cancer cells. MIU was one of the first practices in the area to use immunotherapy to treat prostate cancer.

Compassionate and Extensive Care

It’s not just about clinical advancements but the personalized care and support we provide to our patients and their families.

  • Our Nurse Navigator program provides a dedicated nurse practitioner to help patients understand their disease, coordinate their treatment plans, schedule appointments, and advocate on their behalf.
  • Our in-house dispensary provides patients with the medications they need and closely monitors their reactions and progress.
  • Our data and analytics team carefully monitors patients’ test results to ensure adherence to current NCCN Guidelines and immediately alerts physicians if there is any variation in a patient’s response to their treatment plan. Working closely with our in-house dispensary, our team increases utilization, medication compliance, and adherence to treatment regimens.
  • MIU is the only practice that offers a live support group for prostate cancer patients. Monthly meetings inform attendees about medical advancements, mental and physical health concerns, support options, and ancillary services available in the community. In addition, the support group fosters a sense of connectedness for patients and their families.

These services provide another layer of precision and peace of mind for our patients and their families.

MIU’s Advanced Prostate Cancer team is highly talented and experienced. Our specialists are recruited from the leading research centers and residency programs in the United States. If you have a patient who needs help navigating the difficult diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer, please contact us today.

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