Published: May 21, 2024

Pat’s Cancer Story

Pat is a men’s health advocate on an important mission: raising awareness about the need for more mental health resources for patients battling cancer.

The day Pat got his diagnosis was the same day an MIU support group was meeting. He went, not having a clue what to expect or even fully understanding his diagnosis.

“The support group was great, but sometimes you leave there and wonder, ‘What’s in store for me?’ You hear other patients’ stories about recurrence, side effects, and issues with finances and family. It impacts your mental health.”

Pat now advocates for trained mental health professionals to be a part of a patient’s care team. He knows he has a steep road to climb.

He acknowledges the myriad of challenges, including the shortage of mental health professionals overall, as well as insurers who won’t reimburse for a treatment team to include a mental health provider. But he’s not giving up.

“I’ve seen it in my support group. Some men are suffering but afraid to get treatment. They don’t know who to trust – the treatment team, what they read online, or the guy on the corner. A trained mental health resource to discuss their fears and worries could make a big difference.”

Pat is grateful for the care he received at MIU and their sponsorship of his support group. He is cancer-free and working to make a difference in the lives of more men.

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