Published: March 12, 2024

Howard’s Cancer Story

Back in 2010 at age 72, Howard noticed his back was aching, especially anytime he stepped off a curb. After a thorough examination, Dr. Jason Hafron ordered a PSA test to screen for prostate cancer, and a CT scan to look for any other potential issues.Patient story Howard

The good news: Howard’s back pain was due to a little arthritis.

The bad news: The examination revealed that Howard had prostate and kidney cancer.

To say Howard was shocked is an understatement. But there wasn’t much time sit around and think about it, he says. Dr. Hafron recommended treating the kidney cancer first, which resulted in removing one of Howard’s kidneys. Once recovered, it was time to tackle Howard’s prostate cancer. The best treatment option meant 42 visits for radiation followed by close monitoring every six months. It was brutal, but as a 15-year military veteran who lost a hand in the Vietnam War, Howard toughed it out.

Four years later, a PSA test indicated Howard’s prostate cancer had returned.

This time Dr. Hafron had a new tool. Since Howard’s original diagnosis, an alternative treatment using the NanoKnife System had been developed for some prostate cancers, including Howard’s. Known as a form of focal therapy, the NanoKnife is able to precisely target and treat the cancerous part of the prostate without treating the entire prostate. It’s painless, takes about an hour, and typically patients can go home the same day.

Howard reports “I didn’t feel a thing. There was no recovery time needed and no bleeding. I’d recommend it to anybody who is a candidate for it.” After several Nanoknife treatments Howard’s PSA scores were back to normal.

Howard’s visit to the doctor back in 2010 has given him an extra 13 years to enjoy with his wife of 70 years.

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