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Michigan Institute of Urology News Headlines

  • MELVILLE, N.Y. – FOR years, research on prostate cancer has sought an approach to screening that is more individualized than a one-size-fits-all measurement of the level of prostate-specific antigen in a man’s blood. These efforts are now paying off.
  • That’s why it’s time to re-evaluate the nation’s current approach to prostate cancer. Even though we anticipate 221,000 new diagnoses this year, and 28,000 deaths, recommendations drafted in 2010 and finalized in 2012 strongly discourage PSA screening men without symptoms for this disease.
  • Those decisions didn’t take into account adaptations that urologists have made to help better identify patients likely to develop deadly prostate cancers. Some tools, called PSA derivatives, were being developed as early as the mid-1990s, and all have been refined since.
  • The Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC) recently earned a Best of Blue Clinical Distinction Award from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. MUSIC was selected from more than 30 entries from Blues plans across the nation to receive the top honor for clinical programs that improve quality and outcomes.
  • Michigan Institute of Urology Offers Exclusive BPH Treatment in Michigan
  • MIU Rezum Cryotherapy Pressrelease
  • Prostate Cancer Survivorship Event
  • MIU is proud to be the first urology clinic in the state to offer state of the art treatment with the use of MonaLisa Touch®
  • NeoTract Press Release
  • Now available at Michigan Institute of Urology, UroCuff; a simple. painless and non-invasive diagnostic test for male urinary disorders. Read more here